SL Series 10 LED (Water)

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The SL System has been the standard in level indication in the fire industry for many years. The display modules feature 3 dimensional lenses for 180-degree visibility. All display module electronics are encapsulated in potting compound to protect the unit from shock, vibration, water, and dust.

The easy to install sending unit is constructed of stainless steel and features a vent to atmosphere which prevents inaccuracy typically associated with altitude changes. The sender unit remains in all types of water and foam.

All display modules are self-calibrating for three common tank styles (rectangular, elliptical, and T-Shaped).

Part Numbers

3030358-01 SL Series 10-LED Master Water Display w/ Remote Output
3030395-01 SL Series 10-LED Large Remote Water Display
3030372-01 SL Series 5-LED Mini Remote Water Display
3030448-01-XX SL Series Flange Mount Transducer
3030454-01-XX SL Series Thread Mount Transducer
3030376-01 SL Series Base Mount Transducer



SL Series Master Presentation


IC SL10-LED Calibration & Installation Instructions


5000046 SL 10-LED Master Water Bid Specs

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