About IC

For many years, Innovative Controls has remained true to our original goal: to properly research, design and engineer products for the Fire Service Industry that ensure accurate, strong and reliable resources to fire fighters and other rescue personnel. Today, Innovative Controls is an industry-leading supplier of pump panel control, diagnostic, and identification products. Our goal for the future is unchanged. We will always strive to produce the highest quality, most accurate, and ergonomically-sound products on the market. With us it’s a passion, not just a business.

We design, manufacture and distribute industry-best tank level monitors, valve control assemblies, pressure gauges, product identification bezels, safety message bezels, associated graphics, and plumbing products – often customized for many fire apparatus and pump manufacturers. From concept to fabrication, Innovative Controls is a full service provider. We have the experience, resources and capabilities necessary to provide the Fire Service Industry with the best solutions available, and we’re getting better every day.

Innovative Controls’ in-house design and manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to branch out and serve other industries as well. Our ability and willingness to be a value-added design house and supplier has made us attractive to many OEM partners in various industries. Our attention to detail translates well to customers of all sizes serving a variety of markets. In the process we learn a lot, and transfer that knowledge to each and every customer we serve. Whether it’s standard or custom, small or large, short term or long term, we can do it. We look forward to helping you.


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