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Industrial Print Shop

Innovative Controls boasts a state-of-the-art industrial printing facility specializing in high quality custom products designed for long-wear in harsh conditions. Large format flatbed printers use a second surface print method to produce UV resistant, fade and scratch proof products. Materials are custom cut to size and shape on high precision Swiss plotter cutters. With a detailed eye, our experienced design staff will bring your custom label or message solution from idea to reality.

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Scratch Resistant

Graphics are printed on underside
of polycarbonate sheet.


Permanent Adhesive

The labels and optional bezels are adhered using
outdoor rated, UL approved adhesive.


Optional Bezels

Standard size labels are offered with a
chrome-plated decrorative bezel.


No-Fade UV Protection

Polycarbonate overlay is designed for long-term
outdoor ultra-violet protection against fading.

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