Pump Overheat System


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The Innovative Controls Inc. 3050803 Pump Overheat System monitors pump water temperature and at 125o F(52o C) or above can automatically activate an audible alarm and/or a thermal relief valve option that releases water from the pump to the ground or back to the water tank. The optional thermal relief valve automatically closes when the water temperature cools. A status LED tells the operator when the system is dormant (under temp) or active (over temp), and the system can be tested at any time by pressing a Push to Test button.

Part Numbers

3050803-01 Alarm Panel / Controller
3050814-01 Vishay Sensor NTCALUG01A103F : Ring Lug
3050814-02 Littlefuse Sensor USP10997 : 1/8”- 27 NPT
3050814-03 Littlefuse Sensor USP10978 : 1/4” NPT
3050814-04 Littlefuse Sensor USP12840 : 10-32 Thread
3050814-05 Littlefuse Sensor USP7766 : Pipe Clamp
3050814-06 EI Sensor Technologies Sensor ETP10072
3050814-07 EI Sensor Technologies Generic ETP10073
3050814-08 EI Sensor Technologies Generic ETP10074
3050814-09 EI Sensor Technologies Generic ETP10130
3050814-10 EI Sensor Technologies Generic ETP10133
3050814-11 EI Sensor Technologies Generic ETP10135
3050812-XX Sensor Extension Cable - XX FT.
3050815 AGB Industries Solenoid Valve P03503814F1D-DH
3050816 Panel Mount Audible Alarm
3050813-XX Alarm Output Extension Cable - XX FT.



Pump Overheat Spec Sheet

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