Soft-Glo Mini Dash Displays

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The Innovative Controls Inc. Soft-Glo Series Tank Level Gauge System is the next generation in a long line of reliable IC systems. Soft-Glo utililizes IC’s highly reliable pressure transducer to accurately measure tank volume and deliver tank level information to the viewer in a revolutionary way.

The display modules are divided into four distinct sections that show the volume of Water or Class A Foam or Class B Foam in the tank using multi-color RGB superbright LEDs. Tank level indication is enhanced by a 180° wide-angle diffusion lens in front of the LEDs. The LEDS are diffused by a proprietary method that creates an illumination effect that remains bright and visible in sunlight but eliminates the typical irritation to an operator’s eyes traditionally caused by bright LEDs at night.

IC Soft-Glo displays are available in various sizes and treatments: pump panel main displays, in-cab mini displays and mini monster strip lights. Each display is available in multiple color, icon and bezel options designed to designate the display as either a Water, Foam A, Foam B, or Generic Foam display.

Part Numbers

3050853-W Mini Dash Water Display
3050853-FA Mini Dash Foam A Display
3050853-FB Mini Dash Foam B Display
3050846-W Rocker Switch Insert Water Display
3050846-FA Rocker Switch Insert Foam A Display
3050846-FB Rocker Switch Insert Foam B Display


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Soft-Glo PDFs:


Master Presentation


Spec Sheet


Configuration Guide


Calibration Instructions


Calibration Non-linear Instructions


Mini Display Installation


Wiring Diagram


Error Codes


Bid Specs

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